Who We Are

Retina ophthalmologists are highly-trained doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating retinal disorders of the eye.

In routine patient examinations, highly sophisticated cameras and scanning technology are used to provide detailed health information of the retina within the eye.

A range of available treatments available includes use of lasers, medications and intraocular surgery.

A retina specialist has:

  • completed medical school: 4 years
  • specialized in ophthalmology: 5 years
  • sub-specialized in diseases of the retina: 2 years

As the designated leader of the eye care team in the community, we work closely with optometrists and other medical physicians to ensure that you receive the best vision care.

The Eye Care Team

There are three central types of eye-care professionals:

  • Ophthalmologists are highly-trained eye physicians and surgeons, some of whom specialize in diseases of the retina.
  • Optometrists are primary eye care providers who are trained in performing a general examination including an assessment for glasses. Optometrists can provide a preliminary diagnosis of ocular disease.
  • Opticians are licensed professionals trained to help you see better – whether you’re near or far-sighted, or have low vision due to more complex eye health issues. They are specially trained to design, fit, and dispense eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids, and prosthetic ocular devices.

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